About Circa AD Jewels

Circa AD Jewels specialises in collecting selected items of fine jewellery, and rare pieces from around the world, that reflect the design values – and quality – of their era.

With contemporary items and innovative jewellery designs also included, Circa AD Jewels provides a genuinely unique jewellery service – one in which the jeweller visits his clients. There is no shop front, nor permanent retail presence. The business operates on a personal basis (pieces often bought with specific clients in mind); as well as popping-up in host stores from time to time and of course the online store.

In addition to buying and selling jewellery, Circa AD Jewels also provides a number of services including design and remounting, repairs, valuations and advice.


Meet Adrian Dickens

Having trained in the UK for 6 years, Adrian has been a fixture on the Melbourne and Sydney Fine Jewellery scene for over 30 years. He has managed some of Australia’s fine jewellery houses including Paul Bram, Jan Logan and Bunda Fine Jewels.

Adrian’s knowledge of recent jewellery trends and opinions on the future of retail jewellery is insightful. He regularly gives talks and presentations for both fund-raising and corporate and private functions.

Since July 2013 as well as running Circa AD Jewels, Adrian consults on jewellery and silver matters for Shapiro Auctioneers who specialise in 19th and 20th Century design.