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In these unusual times I hope that my newsletter finds you, your families and friends all well.

Despite everything, I am managing to keep busy, and am walking to clients, standing 2 metres back, masked and collecting or delivering jewels. I’m getting very fit…one day I managed 40,867 paces (30kms)! It’s not normally this way around though is it? …. a masked jeweller?! Not only am I busy but also my wonderful team of jewellers, setters, casters, threaders, engravers and suppliers who we so need to keep the Australian jewellery industry going.

Today though I want to try and get as many of you to sign up to Instagram and specifically @circa_ad_jewels It’s a way for you to get to see more about what I do and am doing and, who knows, give you inspiration too. I also feature interesting snippets on jewels; yours (with permission though anonymously), royal jewels and some of my jewels that are part of my ever-changing and growing collection.

If you’re not already on Instagram, think about joining. It’s easy and, what’s more, you can keep your account private, if you so wish. It shows lots of news, views and items of interest and you can literally choose whom and what subject you’d like to follow.

A few friends that I follow are @chasingaplate these guys have literally travelled the world for the last 2-3 years following their passion…Food. Another one is my dear friend, Trace, who you will find under @miss_tambourine a wonderful and knowledgeable personal stylist who is Trelise Cooper’s Australian retail manager. Dame Trelise has been a wonderful supporter of Circa AD Jewels over the years and so if you don’t already know her check out this iconic New Zealand designer @trelisecooper Then, if you need a bit of balance in your life from all the gadgets and tech habits we are bombarded with, @dailydigitaldetox helps you with how to practice daily digital mindfulness. Finally, @thepercyinstitute a fountain of knowledge who kindly hosts me for my talks when in Perth, Western Australia.

From a world wide perspective and being a complete royalist @buckinghampalaceroyal @clarencehouse and @kensingtonpalaceroyal are a must and, particularly last week, as @kensingtonpalaceroyal showed a 5 minute video that is truly inspiring and shows the affection that everyone has currently for the NHS. If you want to see the Cambridge’s as the truly beautiful and dutiful family that they are then here is your opportunity. In her inimitable way Her Majesty the Queen (@buckinghampalace) posted this shot of the round Tower at Windsor Castle lit in blue a few weeks ago, again in recognition of the NHS.

Jewels, food, pets, news, shoes, gardens, flowers and cakes, you name it and Instagram has it! So though I am not being paid by Instagram to promote them, if you haven’t got the app … get it!!

I look forward to you following @circa_ad_jewels and hearing from you one way or another!

In the meantime, be safe, stay healthy and as a dear client reminds me (generally at 5.00pm) alcohol kills!! 🥂😂