Engagement Ring Consultations

Meeting client wishes is vital in such an area as engagement rings. Taking into account the “5 Cs” Adrian works with clients to ensure that cut, carat, colour, clarity and cost are exactly what is wanted, so each couple has a truly beautiful symbol of their marriage.



ften people see pieces of jewellery that they love and would like something made along the same lines. Adrian works with clients to realize this. From the provision of sketch drawings, to quotes, and the final putting together, commissioning pieces is an important aspect of personal jewellery service.


Acquisition and Advice

Circa AD Jewels is particularly unique as Adrian buys not only pieces he personally loves, but buys for specific clients; and buys on behalf of clients. If there is something you want Adrian will find it! If there is something you are thinking of buying, Adrian will advise you.


Engraving and Embossing

A particularly personal area of our work, we handle both standard machine engraving and hand engraved work from coat of arms for signet rings, and monograms on jewellery, glassware and trophies; as well as gilt and embossing on leatherworks. We can also arrange bespoke fitted leather cases.



No matter how big or small Circa AD Jewels will handle repairs; from a quick rethread for $40 to a patient search to replace a special stone, or arranging detailed restoration of a damaged antique brooch, our experience will assist all clients. Retaining the character of the original piece during repair is paramount.