In support of Australian wildlife affected by the bush fires

While I try to send an email every month, last month was a horrific time for so many Australians, as well as a disastrous bush fire season for Australia’s native animals. Writing about jewellery didn’t seem appropriate and this month, though the fires are virtually out, feels pretty much the same.

Life though has to continue and while walking and talking with a dear friend around The Tan here in Melbourne, we came up with the idea of creating a piece of jewellery, quintessentially Australian, that could raise money for charity to help in particular our beleaguered Australian animal population. Since then I have investigated many charities and feel of all of them I would like to donate to “WIRES”. WIRES Wildlife Rescue is the largest wildlife rescue & rehabilitation charity in Australia. It is a non-profit organisation providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna. All animal rescuers and carers are volunteers.

So with a charity chosen, over the last few weeks I have put together the first item in a series of Australian fauna that will be released throughout the year. The first though is the Koala; whose numbers on Kangaroo Island alone have been decimated from 60,000 to around 10,000.

The images shown in this newsletter are that of a sterling silver Koala bracelet and also another in 9ct gold. Proudly made and assembled in Melbourne, the silver version comes mounted on a neoprene cord with a sterling silver catch and fittings pinned to each end. The Koala itself is brush finished and as I say made here in Melbourne. The 9ct yellow gold version also has a 9ct yellow gold catch and fittings pinned to the neoprene.

I can think of no better way of raising funds for this worthy cause. It is a unisex design and a visual reminder as to how we all need to reach out to others less fortunate than ourselves particularly animal charities who give so much of their time and expertise to save and protect our Australian animals.

The silver version retails for $135.00 and the 9ct yellow gold version (subject to the gold price) for $795.00. But more importantly of each one sold, I pledge to donate 50% of the retail price (less the gst) to “WIRES”.

To order, please go to my website and under bracelets you will find these two pieces. They come in two lengths, a standard bracket size of 19cms and a smaller size of 16cms. My packaging in order to keep the costs down will be very basic and postage is of course extra. Finally, because of demand I estimate that once ordered you will receive the piece(s) within 3 weeks from the date of order.

Sterling silver Koala bracelet