The Queen’s Private Diamond Collection


The Queen’s Private Diamond Collection is a 45min talk created to bring the audiences the experience Adrian had in July 2012 when he visited the one-off exhibition in Buckingham Palace of pieces from the Queen’s private diamond collection as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The presentation features over 90 images of over 20 historic pieces. The talk is fascinating as it presents a glimpse of these jewels, in this exhibition, by a jeweller so the talk weaves history and jewellery expertise in one 45 minute presentation.

So far, Adrian has given the presentation seven times, to ladies clubs across Melbourne, regional Victoria, Sydney and country NSW. Each audience has been a delight to visit and meet. Jill McKinnon from The Rangers Foundation said, “We were treated to a “right royal” occasion with Adrian’s amazing visual presentation of the Queen’s Private Diamond Collection. His expert commentary and explanations were a fascinating insight into the magic, history and power of the Royal Jewels. We were all spellbound!”

Adrian has also given the presentation to corporate groups such as legal practice Herbert Geer in Sydney. “The audience greatly appreciated Adrian’s passion for the Queen’s diamonds, his detailed knowledge of the history and traditions of the British monarchy and his eloquent presentation style. Some beautiful samples from Adrian’s collection were so popular with the audience that Adrian had considerable difficulty packing all the pieces away at the end of the evening!”

As an added benefit Adrian offers his audience private conversations regarding their own jewellery collections and will discuss repairs, means of gaining valuation advice and cleaning.

And in the near future… The Collections of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor will be offered to audiences from late 2012.

If you have a fundraising event or charity you support and would like offer a Circa AD presentation please contact or to discuss how this can benefit you.