Spectacular cognac Diamond

Following my last newsletter regarding pink Diamonds and pink Sapphires; I came across this beautiful cognac Diamond this last week and thought it would be a good follow-on from last month’s newsletter.

I don’t normally promote a single stone in this way but was so impressed with the look and cut of this stone that I couldn’t resist writing about it. I guess what I love is the crispness of the stone because of the perfect cut and proportions. It’s rare to find such a stone exactly square but that’s exactly what this one is, a perfect 6.75mm x 6.75mm in diameter. The actual weight is 1.89 carats while its clarity is Si1. The Asscher cut is the perfect cut to display the beauty and colour of this lovely stone. What I also like is its West Australian origin and this is documented as such on a certificate.

So as I said last month, as the Argyle mine nears its end of production this stone to me is an opportunity. At $9,250.00 I feel it represents excellent buying and is a perfect and beautiful Diamond that mounted as a ring or pendant would be a stunning piece.

If you would like to discuss this Diamond with me, or any other such stone that you might have a desire for, please do get in touch.