Stunning Jewels by Paula Chevoshay at the “Art of the Jewel” exhibition in Los Angeles

The fourth and final exhibition for this trip was in Los Angeles just before leaving for home. It was housed in the Natural History Museum’s gems and minerals section and in a large vault type room. Fortunately there weren’t too many people looking when I was as it was quite small and being hidden away behind a large safe door was quite claustrophobic.

This exhibition features the work of Paula Chevoshay in her “Art of the Jewel” exhibition. A modern day American jeweller who I had not actually heard of before! Her career started in the Art World but over the years has included studying and understanding gems and minerals. It’s this appreciation for minerals that helps her create pieces with stones that one doesn’t normally see in modern day jewels. Her eye for colour combinations using more unusual gemstones works wonderfully.

I think my favourite piece was a wide flexible bracelet that she has named “Nam Lai”- Thai for flowing water. It features an abundance of Moonstones which together with blue Zircons and Diamonds and being mounted in all yellow creates a beautiful effect and is definitely as the name suggests has movement and colour in an almost rippling way.


“Nam Lai” by Paula Chevoshay

Again rather like Jean Schlumberger it’s her appreciation of things from nature that gives her, her inspiration. This is probably best illustrated in her “Poppy” brooch featuring a large collection of fire Opals that appear more red when set together in this way than orange and yet the colour is exactly like a poppy. They are the perfect stone to create the colour that we all know of in poppies and centering in a Moonstone in the centre as well as a series of black and white Diamonds it captures this delicate flower that has so much meaning to us Australians.

Poppy by Paula Chevoshay

Again similar to Jean Schlumberger, she also uses sea creatures and in my final image from this exhibition this amazing Octopus brooch took my eye. It’s crafted in all yellow gold that has then been satin finished. All over its body are black Diamonds surrounded by blue and black enamel while Diamonds and Sapphires are also used to decorate other parts of the body. It really is quite a spectacle!

Octopus brooch by Paula Chevoshay

And so my quick trip has come to an end. I think the highlight for me was the Schlumberger collection and his engaging story, his beautiful designs and his use of colour. It has of course sparked an interest in Bunny Mellon someone who I think is well worth a talk on, don’t you?

Thank you for all your “likes” and comments on this series of blog posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey as much as I have.