Stunning Pink Sapphires

There has been much discussion in the press of late regarding pink Diamonds. This has come about, as the Argyle Mine will cease production of these stones in 2020, having produced 90% of the world’s annual pink production over the last few years. There are many different categories and their price every time I look at them seems to go up and up!

Having sold a number of these beautiful stones in my 40-year career it’s the intensity of the pink that really attracts people but buyers who are looking to spend 5, 6 and sometimes 7 figure sums to attain these rare stones are few and far between.

Pink Sapphires on the other hand are not nearly as rare but can be equally as beautiful. I am fortunate to know one of the best Sapphire dealers in the world, and last week was shown these three beautiful stones. They are fine examples of some of the range of colours pink Sapphires are available in, and to many eyes would look just as good as a pink Diamond but at a fraction of the price. These 3 stones weigh just over 2.25cts each and are priced between $3,850.00 and $6,600.00.

So should you have ever dreamed of owning a beautiful pink Diamond maybe now is the time to acquire another of Mother Nature’s gems at a fraction of the pink Diamond price. Though I never sell for investment surely with the worlds greatest source of pink Diamonds about to end, these stones represent excellent value and will become more sought after as time goes on.